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Reviews for The Love Trip
“It was really good. Very relatable characters who were surprisingly well developed, seeing as these were 2 “short stories”. It did not leave me hanging as far as details, as some short stories tend to do.

I will definitely seek out this author and this narrator again. I enjoyed both stories very much!”

— Audible Customer Review

“I don't usually read this type of book but I am glad I read this one. The author did a great job creating likeable characters in a real life situation. The first one about a woman who had a great opportunity to do something she loved but at what cost? Does she make her family stuffer or follow her dreams? The second one about a pair of young people falling in love & some sacrifices a long the way. In the end an injury for Lela. Will her gymnastics career be over? The narrator did an excellent job as well. I highly recommend this book.”

— Audible Customer Review
“The fact that these two stories were narrated by one person and yet the characters were so unique and special, is a direct testament to how great the narrator is. A good narrator can deliver believable characters. A great narrator can do so with two different stories, back to back. Consider my imaginary hat tipped.”

— Audible Customer Review
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